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We are Hiring
we are hiring

Who is AmeriBanc National?

AmeriBanc National has been an industry leader since 2004 providing much needed financial services to the small-medium sized business sector, where nearly every owner can benefit significantly with our services.

  • AmeriBanc offers the latest and greatest in payment technologies.

  • AmeriBanc offers the highest quality in payment services.

  • AmeriBanc places any equipment needed to utilize our service at NO cost!

  • AmeriBanc offers around-the-clock Customer Service.

What we offer our Consultants

AmeriBanc is looking for the same thing you are and that is a good match. A good match is between your skill set and abilities with our program and compensation plan. We're looking for individuals who understand the basic fundamentals of a strong work ethic, importance of product knowledge and the ability to manage their own time and attitude effectively!

Our Consultants benefit from the following:
  • Great Salary Plus Commissions Average First Year $50,000 Plus

  • Full Benefits Package

    • - Paid Holidays

    • - Paid Vacations

    • - Paid Training


  • Daily Spiffs

  • Fun Atmosphere

  • Unlimited Growth Potential

Candidate Requirements
  • Relevant inside sales experience (2-5 years is preferred, but not necessary.)

  • Strong communication skills and the ability to give compelling presentations

  • Demonstrated closing skills (Trial Closing, Asking for Sale, Needs Analysis, etc)

  • Coachable and Teachable approach to Systematic Sales Success

  • Ability to Establish Rapport with Business Owners

  • Ability to Establish and Recognize Customer Needs

AmeriBanc National is different from the competition.
  • We train our people to become CONSULTANTS and truly learn the industry

  • We sell our Customers on VALUE vs. PRICE - We show our customers how to BUILD their BUSINESS REVENUES in
          ADDITION to lowering their processing costs

  • Our approach to the industry is truly something you can be proud of.

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"I have worked at AmeriBanc now for over 4+ years and I love it! Our team all works hard together and makes coming to work fun. Being that we are in a fast-paced sales environment, we have many contests and daily incentives to help make it fun. I make good money and getting paid weekly is nice too. We have a saying around here... I don't love it because I sell it. I sell it because I love it" - Maria

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